Missing someone you love this holiday? Send a box of love.  Filled with yummy fall treats, this box says "love you, miss you, thankful for you," everything you wish you could say in person. Contains Don Rufino's Coffee or Cozy Night Tea; coffee or honey spoon; choice of Gray Ghost Cookies; and choice of Q's Nuts. 


Be sure to check out the Add-ons Page to tuck in more fun holiday treats!

Thanksgiving Care Package

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Choose a Nut
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  • Visit the Add-ons Page to tuck in some extra treats!

    • Don Rufino's Coffee:  Freshly roasted in Charlotte, North Carolina by Farmers First Coffee Company, whose mission is to provide a better income to coffee farmers. To do so, they cut through industry jargon and bring something simple to their customers: the name, the face, and the story of each coffee farmer that they partner with, and exactly how much he or she was paid. They provide a 50% bonus directly to the people creating your coffee, an amount 4 times higher than "fair trade." By waking up each morning with a cup of Farmers First Coffee, you’re giving hard-working coffee farmers from Honduras and Peru the opportunity to lift themselves up economically.


    • French Vanilla Coffee Spoon: Handmade by Melville Candy Company, a family owned, third generation confectionery company located in Randolph, Massachusetts, these hard candy spoons on wooden ball sticks are perfect for adding a shot of flavor to any hot beverage. Simply place in your drink, wait one minute and enjoy your sweetened beverage. Each spoon is hand-poured.


    • Cozy Night Tea: A calming blend of chamomile and mints. Cozy Night is naturally sweet and cuddly blend, the perfect bedtime story companion on cold, windy nights. Hand crafted by Big Heart Tea Company, a midwest-based, woman-owned tea company on a covert mission to make people feel good through healing herbs. 


    • Tupelo Honey Spoon: Swirl this around in your hot tea for one minute while its rich natural sweetness dissolves into your cup. Each spoon is hand-poured by Melville Candy Company, a family owned, third generation confectionery company located in Randolph, Massachusetts.


    • Q's Nuts:  A small family-owned and operated artisan nut company started by a husband and wife team with the simple philosophy that wholesome ingredients, a love of good food, and a passion for creating in the kitchen would create some of the best tasting roasts around. Q’s Nuts are only made in small batches with the finest ingredients, always assuring a fresh quality product. Choose Mexican Chocolate Almonds or Maple Bourbon Pecans.


    • Molasses Spice Cookies: "Scratch-made" by Grey Ghost Bakery in Charleston , South Carolina. Old-fashioned flavor with a modern kick. Molasses, ginger, and vanilla combine to create a year-round chewy molasses treat reminiscent of crisp fall days, perfect with a glass of ice-cold milk.


    • Cranberry Orange Cookies: Baked with candied orange zest, apple juice-sweetened cranberries and roasted pecans. "Scratch-made" by Grey Ghost Bakery in Charleston , South Carolina.
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