We are temporarily out of Tupelo Honey Spoons. In their place we are substituting 3 Farmhouse Honey  Sticks, tied with ribbon. 100% pure, unfiltered Rocky Mountain Honey, no added flavors or colorings, just pure honey from beekeepers right here in the USA. Every purchase supports the Pollinator Partnership, helping to protect pollinating insects across the globe. 

Send her a moment of peace to nurture her soul. Choose a card; "Hang in There", "Thinking of You", or "Missing You."


Box includes: "Royal Treatmint" Tea; Heart-shaped Tea Infuser; Honey Spoon; Lemon Sugar Cookies; "Thinking of You" Soy Candle; Felted Wool Heart Ornament; Choice of greeting cards;  Your note, handwritten and sealed with wax. 


Add-on options include: Pashmina; Love Does by Bob Goff; Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Bomb; Lavender Filled Socket Sack; Journal and Pen; Scalp Massager.

Thinking of You (for her)

Add a Pashmina? ($12.00)
Add a Book? ($14.00)
Add a Bath Bomb? ($6.00)
Add a Socket Sack? ($14.00)
Add a Journal and Pen ($10.00)
Add a Scalp Massager? ($3.00)
  • Make sure you have selected an option from each drop-down menu and completed Your Note. Select "No" for any add-on items you do not wish to purchase.

    • Royal Treatmint Tea: A relaxing and stimulating mix of mint and lavender to soothe your senses. Ingredients: organic spearmint, organic peppermint, organic lavender, organic tulsi (of the basil/mint family, also known as "holy basil"), organic gingko leaf. Hand crafted by Big Heart Tea Company.


    • Tupelo Honey Spoon: Swirl this around in your hot tea for one minute while its rich natural sweetness dissolves in your cup. Each spoon is hand-poured by Melville Candy Company, a family owned, third generation confectionery company located in Randolph, Massachusetts. Because, "She's as sweet as Tupelo honey, just like honey, baby, from the bee..."


    • Heart-Shaped Tea Infuser: Stainless steel infuser with joint clasp keeps loose tea leaves contained. Doubles as a stir stick. Because we prefer our tea infused with love, thank you.


    • Lemon Sugar Cookies: Made from scratch by Grey Ghost Bakery in Charleston, South Carolina, these beautiful cookies are hand-topped with pearlized sugar and baked with candied lemon zest.


    • "Thinking of You" Soy Candle: Promenade Field candles are formulated to act as a background scent and never to be overpowering. Made with all-natural soy wax, eco-friendly cotton wick, high quality essential and/or fragrance oil. Hand-poured into amber apothecary inspired glass jars with brushed gold lids. Made in small batches. Burn time is up to 25 hours.


    • Felted Wool Heart Ornament: Made by House of Moss in Newberg, Oregon, these adorable ornaments are felted by hand with pure wool. A little reminder of your love.


    • Pashmina (add-on item): Handmade, soft, comforting. The perfect thing to wrap around your shoulders for a formal night out, a cozy night in, and anything in between. Label reads: "Wrap this around you and know you are loved." It's the hug you want to give in person. Made of eco-friendly silky soft bamboo fiber. 72 inches long x 32 inches wide. Choose pale pink or slate blue.


    • Love Does by Bob Goff (add-on item): "When Love Does, life gets interesting. Each day turns into a hilarious, whimsical, meaningful chance that makes faith simple and real. Each chapter is a story that forms a book, a life. And this is one life you don't want to miss." (Excerpt from the back cover.) Our favorite book- uplifting and inspiring. There's more about Bob Goff and Love Does on our About Page.


    • Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Bomb (add-on item): A smooth blend of Australian eucalyptus and American spearmint enhanced with notes of citrus, spearmint and peppermint. Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), corn starch, coconut oil, shea butter, fragrance, water, and mica. Size - 6oz.


    • Lavender Filled Socket Sack (add-on item): Handmade by Payne & Comfort, this eye pillow is filled with flaxseed and dried lavender. Rest it on tired eyes to soothe headaches and migraines, relieve stress, and ease sinus pressure and allergies. Use it straight out of the box, microwave it 30-40 seconds, or freeze 1 hour. Feels like a spa day, wherever you are.


    • Journal and Pen (add-on item): These layflat journals are handmade by Denik in Logan, Utah, who gives a portion of each purchase to fund education projects worldwide. Made with a soft-touch, velvet laminated cover that ensures image quality over time. Glorious smythe-sewn binding allows notebook to lay flat. 144 lined pages. Comes with a Filled With Love pen. 


    • Scalp Massager (add-on item): Feel your stress melt away as gentle beaded spindles glide over your scalp. Keep it on hand for an instant head massage.
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