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Good Gifting

Updated: May 28, 2019

The best gift I ever received was a mug from Anthropologie.

They are universally known for making great gifts. In fact, they are my go-to gift for girlfriends because they always elicit the same great reaction. One will generally lift it out of its box, cup her hands around it, press it gently to her cheek and say "Awwwww." Because they're cute and cozy, and they squish into your cheek just right.

This one I love for a different reason. It was painstakingly bought for me by my three boys, the older two in middle school at the time and the youngest in tow, pooling together their money. I have no idea how they arrived at Anthropologie or who thought it was a good idea to release them there. I mean, it's not exactly Dick's Sporting Goods. But they went. And on Christmas morning, before I could even pull it out of the box and do the cupping and awwww-ing, there erupted a lively debate, one that was clearly just picking up where it had left off in the store. There were strong opposing viewpoints on whether I would want the monogrammed "J" for Jen, or "M" for Mom. I wondered if they had required intervention from nearby shoppers. As far as I know, nothing got broken.

Ten years later, my "M" mug sits in my kitchen window. At some point the handle broke off, and eventually it cracked up the side. So I put a plant in it. Because the memory is beautiful. Three scrappy boys wanting their mom's gift to be perfect. One of them said to me, "But it's not your real initial." I assured him, "It's even better, it's mom-ogrammed."

Every good and perfect gift comes down from above. I believe it. If it's filled with love from the giver, it's transformed. It becomes much more than the object in your hand. It brings life. And isn't that everything? It's all everyone needs.

Happy gifting, my friends.


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