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Fairy Gardens, Neutered Roosters, and How We Got Here

A year and 20 days ago, Mom and I launched our little care package business. We had a highly comprehensive and structured plan: I would take pictures, maintain the website, and write a weekly blog. She would pack and wrap the care packages, manage the inventory, and "do a million other things that organized people are good at." I loved the plan. We dove right in. Here's how it played out:

She nailed it.

I started. But then I found a house I wanted, bought that house, moved into it, painted the old house, swore I would never lift a paintbrush again, sold the old house, started painting the new house, bought 6 chickens, built them a coop, and created a fairy garden.

Mom hard at work
Me in the chicken coop

It was a great year. Thanks to Mom's consistency, and in spite of my unpredictability, we sold and shipped care packages throughout it all. She never missed a beat. I only missed about 49 weekly blog posts.

Which brings us to the pressing story of today: Roxie. I'll dive right in. Roxie is our 10 week old "white crested blue polish" chicken. Here, you'll need this visual:


We are all obsessed with her. She's a hoot. We have five other chickens too, whom we adore. But let's just say they are more... kempt. And by that I mean they are quieter and have less hair in their eyes.

Mom with sweet Piper

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Roxie's hair, even if it means she can't always see where she's going. Roxie is perfect in every way. EXCEPT that she recently started crowing. Yes, like a rooster. My husband, who is a rule follower, is very concerned (a natural state for him) as we are technically not allowed to have a rooster where we live. I am less concerned, as I love this chicken with all my heart and know that it will all work out because she was clearly meant to live here with us in the magical chicken fairy garden that I created just for her...uh, him...and the rest of our little flock.

Judging by our argument in the kitchen this morning, he is having a hard time following this simple line of reasoning. But he'll come around, don't worry. He usually does.

Truth be told, I already have a plan in place, a highly structured and comprehensive one. It involves a lot of tricky biology, and it unfolds tomorrow morning. I can't reveal it yet because it's a secret- I mean a SURPRISE- for Bruce. He's going to love it.

So here is the current state of affairs:

  • Bruce is in his office downtown probably working but possibly finding a new home for Roxie, whom he now calls Rocco

  • Mom has responsibly checked in with me several times already this morning to confirm that we are meeting to work on new boxes, and I keep putting her off

  • Because I am in my fairy garden diligently researching chicken vasectomies.

Me, hard at work

So now after 49 weeks we are all caught up! AND you know how you can be praying for my husband. I'll have to leave it at that for now and pick up the story later. Tomorrow is a big day for Roxie/Rocco, and she/he just asked me to bring out some watermelon for the flock. I don't want to keep her waiting. Also I like to keep her mouth full so she doesn't crow. Mom and I will be meeting soon to make some Mini Graduation Boxes, and it looks like I got another response to my "Can you neuter my rooster" email, so there is much work ahead of me.

Thank you for supporting our little business this last year-and-20-days. We are grateful beyond words. New gift boxes are coming out soon, so we will keep you posted on those as well as the state of the flock and our beloved Roxie/Rocco. Until then, stay well, friends.


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