The Quarter Jar

Updated: May 23, 2019

My oldest son moved to Denver. I miss him terribly, so sometimes I call just to hear his voice.

I don't tell him that's why I'm calling, instead I make up something very important to tell him and apologize for the interruption. "I'm so sorry, I know you're really busy, but I just knew you would want to hear this." It's lame and transparent, but mothers have been doing it for centuries, so it's ok. He's sweet, so he humors me.

One night we were chatting and I could hear wind and traffic in the background. I asked him what he was doing, and he said laundry. "But you have laundry in your building." Yes, he told me, but he was walking to the gas station to get change because he didn't have any quarters. "What's the temperature there?" I inquired. "Twelve." Wow, kind of makes you miss your mom, doesn't it? I didn't actually say that.

Instead I reached to the back of a cabinet where I sometimes stick useful looking jars that I feel haven't yet reached their full potential in life. I listened to him tell me all about school and work while I raided the house's spare change mugs. While he talked of snowboarding adventures, I dumped all the spare change I could find into a pile on the floor and picked out all the quarters. They actually filled the whole jar. After we hung up, I cut a small slit in the lid and wrote LAUNDRY across the front. It was a masterpiece. My joy was complete.

When you've lived in a house for almost twenty years pulling change out of pockets several times per day, the mug in your laundry room overflows with quarters. But when you're barely that old and living in your first apartment, there's a scarcity of them. Filling his jar from my overflow was easy. Sending it as a surprise gift just made it fun.

I pray that the loads of laundry you do today will still bless your kids in twenty years. I pray that in your mundane chores you will have eyes to see something's full life potential. Above all that, I pray that your cup would overflow with blessings, and when it does, that you will tilt it over a little and let it drip all over someone else.

Happy tilting, my friends.