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Nice to meet you!

I'm Jen! Wife, mom, and part-time proofreader, I'm a wanna-be photographer who became an expert care package sender when my first two boys spread their wings and flew the nest. They flew, and the house got too quiet. So I dreamed up Filled With Love. 


Meet Barbara! Wife, (my) mom, grandmother of six, and great-grandmother of two. She's got a background in teaching, a lifetime of caregiving, and now she's an artisan gift wrapper and the methodologist to my wandering imagination.

We think that care packages deliver more than just the items inside. We think encouraging words bring life. Whether you're celebrating someone's joy or supporting them during their struggle, a box on their doorstep stands in for the hug you'd like to give in person. Soaps and snacks are just a fun way to nurture someone's heart. We hope our deliveries bridge the miles between you and the people you love.

Happy gifting,



"The rules for love are simple: Everybody. Always."

Bob Goff

In 2003, Bob Goff founded Restore International, now known as Love Does, to “find daring, productive, and effective ways to fight the injustices committed against children." Love Does works to promote human rights and education in current and recovering conflict zones including Uganda, Iraq, Nepal, Somalia, Afghanistan, and India. Goff's book Love Does is for sale in our shop as an add-on to any care package. Ten percent of FWL's profits are donated here.

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