All-natural and handmade

Let your


fill their room. 


Our purpose is to deliver encouragement and spread cheer, one care package at a time. We fill our boxes with handcrafted gift items made by small local artisans from around the country. Then we wrap, personalize, and send them for you. Your own message is tucked inside- handwritten by us and closed with a wax seal. Your heart delivered to their door.

At Filled With Love:

  1. We believe that kind words are like honey to the soul.

  2. We believe in sharing each others' burdens.

  3. We believe in loving people deeply, all people, and letting that love cover over a multitude of faults.

  4. We believe in reaching out, in encouraging others, and in building them up at every opportunity.

  5. We believe there is always more grace to be given and more to be received.

  6. We believe that every good and perfect gift comes down from above.

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